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This Digital Portfolio includes all the assignments created for Clio II.

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Final Projects

Here is the new Digital Portfolio Here is my Final Project

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Almost There

This week I’ve been working on and revising my final project. In the meantime, I commented on Jannelle and Mika’s preliminary projects.

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Final Project So Far

For the final project, I have decided to explore hysteria in males. I recently found a lot of articles in nineteenth-century medical journals discussing the diagnosis of hysteria in male patients. I thought it would be fun to research this […]

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Image Assignment Critiques

This week I commented on Dan and Mika’s Image Assignments. I provided hyperlinks, so you can view the images with my comments.

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Image Assignment

Here is the link to my image assignment. I still need to work on formatting the div containers to align perfectly and to align the text within the divs. However, the images are done and any comments would be very […]

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This week I worked on improving my Type Assignment. This was the old version: To improve, I moved the image to the body content and resized it. I played up the colors in the image more with the background and […]

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Photo Restoration Assignment

This week I worked on restoring a nineteenth-century photo in Photoshop for the first time. It is of a man, perhaps of the middle class. He is photographed with a cat on his lap. He could be advertising himself to […]

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Digital History Minor

I have decided to join the dark side. Yes, I officially changed one of my minor fields from Women and Gender to Digital History. Dun Dun Dun. I’ll admit that Clio Wired I scared me at first, as I tried […]

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Photos for Photoshop

This week’s (two weeks ago…is it Spring yet??) really made me consider the photographs and images I want to incorporate into my final project and image assignment. The early twentieth-century Tuberculosis directories and state and federal sanatorium pamphlets that I […]

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Typography Assignment

This week I designed a web page for the typography assignment. I do not have a master’s thesis and would like to forget about my undergraduate thesis (my first jump into history…enough said). So, I used some text from a […]

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This week’s readings on layout, basic design principles, and grids really helped in reformatting my website. When I was a young, nerdy kid I drew architectural layouts for houses on blue-lined graph paper. I would even draw in furniture, color […]

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Building a Web Site

This week I tried to build a portfolio site for this class. I’ll admit that I thought it was not going to be difficult. I was wrong. However, my digital skills will improve with time. First, I set up Blue […]

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Beauty is in the Eye of the User

<h1> Clio Wired II </h1> I will be using this blog for Clio Wired II. It will chronicle the great technological journey of this semester, from learning the language of HTML code to seeing an actual website that is not […]

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