“Birthing A Nation: Enslaved Women and Midwifery in Early America, 1750-1820” 

Dissertation proposed for the History Department at George Mason University. It is currently in progress.


Social Network of the Enslaved Community at Mount Vernon, 1754-1799

Interactive data visualization created for the “Lives Bound Together: Slavery at George Washington’s Mount Vernon” exhibit using data from the Mount Vernon Slavery Database (curated version). This social network connects the enslaved people at Mount Vernon by kinship relationships and highlights their agency in creating and sustaining family structures across time and space.


Finding Kate: Digital Story of an Enslaved Midwife

Digital story of an enslaved woman named Kate who petitioned her owner, George Washington, to serve as the plantation midwife for Mount Vernon and to be compensated for that labor. This project explores slavery and health, informal economies, plantation management, and the process of historical research. To request to see the full digital story, please email


Network Analysis of the Enslaved Community at Mount Vernon, 1786-1799

Final project created for Clio Wired III: Programming in History and New Media at George Mason University. The static graphs explore kinship relations and demographics of the Mount Vernon enslaved community from 1786-1799 using network analysis in R.