Open Topic Proposal

For the open topic, I want to discuss scholarly collaboration within the digital media world. By “scholarly,” I include work produced by historians, scholars in general, and history collecting institutions. Since collaboration is a central tenet of doing digital media in history, I think the class needs to examine this topic further. For example, we could explore the advantages and disadvantages of digital project collaboration, especially compared to analog formats. We could also talk about the initiation of collaboration, involving networking, advertising, and building a digital identity.

Some possible discussion points include:

    – How does digital media enable scholars to collaborate differently than without it?

    – Is collaboration in the digital world better?

    – How does one become involved in digital projects, whether initially or later on?

    – How do scholars advertise their projects in order to gain collaborative insights- how do we network in the digital world?

    – What different digital tools are conducive to collaboration?

Some possible readings include:

Dan Cohen, “Zotero and the Internet Archives Join Forces,” Dan Cohen Blog, Dec 12, 2007,

Douglas Linder, “Lessons Learned from Building the Famous Trials Website,” The Jurist, January 2001,

Michael Mizell Nelson, “Improvising Digital History in the Deep South Digital Desert,” History News Network, Dec 31, 2012,